Pitti Uomo, Firenze – IT, 2020
Set Up Design Production

Invited by Fondazione Pitti Discovery, Telfar Clemens debuted in Florence with “Bloodshed”: an irreverent, decadent 24 hour event that took place in the rooms of the majestic Palazzo Corsini.

The design of the installation was developed in collaboration with Telfar’s creative director Babak Radboy.

Seated at a 9m wide  circular banquet table, laid with a jumble of rotting flowers and  fruits, focaccia, wine stains and silver candlesticks, 40 guests ate conceptual fare from the experimental New York-based food collective Spiral Theory Test Kitchen.

As the group  enjoyed dishes, several musicians spontaneously performed in the central pit, or using microphones that had been set up among the flowers and food.

The after party took place in more hidden and intimate rooms of the Palace: ten beds, underlit by fluorescent tubes, as well as a pair of stripper poles, were set up in the smaller chambers — for lounging, sleeping, dancing.

The day after, the fashion show took place over the party leftovers: the table served as runway, some guests were seated around it and on the lounging furniture pieces.

Photography: Midori Hasuike, Jason Looyd Evans, Astra Marina Cabras, Molly SJ Lowe

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