Ideas Competition, Seoul – KR, 2013

An open competition of ideas for the reuse of 5 abandoned oil tanks in the city of Seoul and the regeneration of the surrounding area.

Mapo Sport Tank is an energy incubator, a place designed to enhance a metropolitan aggregation by means of recreation and sport activities.

The proposal aims to be a common ground where exercise and energy are implied as resources to activate an urban relic. The former oil tanks are converted into sport containers, as activity generators.

A two-dimensional grid creates an systematic layout with the minimum intervention.

Instead of altering the character of the site, the design operates by a superimposition of layers, in order to preserve the historical features of the site.

Exiting Site + Superimposed Grid

At the open-air level, the intervention is focused on the landscaped area, consisting in a systematic and extended public park. The architecture is instead withdrawn at the  underground level, where a hidden active stratum lays.

Landscape Strategy

The ground level is a complete open air area, an urban park which is given back to the city. The landscape strategy organizes the space in a rational way, completely juxtaposed to the spontaneous randomness of the nature. Clear artificiality onto semi-natural landscape creates a non invasive yet recognizable landmark.




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