Liget Competition, Budapest – HU, 2014

Competition entry fot the Museums of Architecture and Photography for Városliget City Park.

The proposal stems from the concept of creating a buffer territory between the city and the park. A transition where the spatial qualities of the City Park are distilled into an architectural landmark. Envisioned as an array of free-standing parasols, this modern day hypostyle hall offers an open semi-sheltered area where activities and museum complement each other.

151202_Liget_04151202_Liget_01151202_Liget_diagram_11Natural Gathering Space  /  City-Park Relation

Photography Museum – Light Games  /  Architecture Museum – Space Grid


The landscape strategy embraces the stratification provided by history and recovers the original plans for the site, combining them into a collage that emphasizes their respective qualities. By making these strategies visible once again, the landscaping regains its former vitality as a meeting point and crossroads.


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