Florim Exhib-it Competition, Salone del Mobile 2015, Milano – IT

FLORIM_01A photo showcase for Florim’s products, turned into an immersive experience.
An ideal reality made of familiar experiences transforms a two dimensional vision into a space exploration.
The ideal is Villa Sample, abstraction of the concept of avant-garde where reality and imagination merge into a model of life/work environment.
Solid, primary colors are chosen as a reference to a domestic/work environment represented at its basics.


Inspired by Jaques Tati’s Villa Arpel as a synthesis of the fictional modernism, Villa Sample offers and immersive vision of Florim products where visitors can look at them in photographs while stepping onto the real materials along a sequence of common, visionary spaces.


The Florim photo collection is printed on translucent textile. Rails and fabric shape the space in a sequence of rooms. Each space of the model villa features an image that corresponds to the room function. FLORIM_DIAGRAM FLORIM_02 FLORIM_03

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